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From small to medium –  In this, Jacqueline Rogers uplifting and often astonishing debut book, we learn that being human is a very special thing and that our spirits are far from being small. As a healer, she shows us the power of spiritual energy. And in her work as a medium, she brings not only genuine comfort to the bereaved but equally inspiration to us all, to see the meaningfulness of life’s challenges and to become the best that we can be.

Above all, Jacqueline’s story proves to us that we are loved and that we do not walk our paths alone.


A friend of mine once said to me that the work I do as a medium can mean the difference between hope and sorrow. She described grief as being like a long dark, damp corridor that is lonely, scary and seemingly never ending. But then she said that a conversation with me changed everything, and it was like an ‘Exit Ahead’ sign suddenly lit up in the corridor. She told me that being a medium is a great gift and that ten minutes of my time can bring solace to someone’s soul – so I should try and reach out to as many people as I possibly can.

I wrote this book as I was asked to do, by the spirit world, for all of you – to give you hope in the darkest of situations, to help you to find the strength to overcome pain and anguish and replace it with love and understanding, to somehow make sense of the experiences that you have on this side of life and to know that others have been there before you. You may never understand totally, but with time comes acceptance of the beautiful person that is you.

“Small is beautiful” says Schumacher. The key is to remember that no matter how much more you become in the world of people around you, you are always just part of the infinite plan. Maintain that thought and you could be bigger than you ever thought possible. Don’t buy into scenarios that promise to make you stronger, as that will eclipse the true you, the beautiful you.

Know that you are never alone in this world and you are always loved by forces unseen. There are forces that love and guard you, no matter who or what you are. That is very important to understand. No matter what happens to you and what path you find yourself on – there are no exceptions. So trust your heart, love yourselves first and treat it as gently as you would a child. Honour yourselves first, and then give to others; miracles can happen and you will find your ‘more’.​

The role of a medium is exactly how it sounds – the middle man or woman. I am not special in any way. I am human. I am me. I love to laugh – humour is in all places, even the darkest ones where you believe no light exists. As you travel on through your life you soon learn that this is one of the strongest gifts we possess. It has the ability to push all other feelings aside in its bid to fill your life, so let it. I use that energy to connect like a telephone from this world to the next, in order to prove there is life after death.

A very long time ago I was asked by a very lovely man in the spirit world who I was. I said, after some thought, “A mother, and a wife” and I was told, “No, that is what you do, not who you are.” I could not answer any further. I didn’t really understand the question, to be honest. Now I do, although it took years of searching and utter confusion. It is a search that you can only complete yourself. It has taken me many years to become a good medium. The journey is tough but beautiful, and everything I have experienced has made me who I am. I am imperfect, as we all are, but I am content with that.

In this book I describe my journey to the point that I am at now. I talk a little about spiritual philosophy and offer an insight in the world of spirit, as both worlds are connected, one around the other. There are plenty of books that describe what happens when you get to the other side. That is not what this book is about. It is about the human journey, about finding your way, your truth; but also about being able to understand that we are not alone travelling along this path and how to identify that, to find what possibilities exist for each of us and within each of us. Someday, hopefully, we all will be able to see, sense and experience its beauty in our lives. I hope that it helps you to understand, in your own way, and to believe a little of something more.


From time to time we all need to hear words of support and encouragement on our life journey. But we don’t always have someone at hand to say them. This collection of poetry and prose, full of compassion, is inspired by the spirit world for when we need a little extra help, written through the acclaimed mediumship of Jacqui Rogers.

Hold the book and think of the help you need and open the book where it falls the advice will be there for you…