We have Moved!

We are now based In Southam in the beautiful Warwickshire Countryside. Working with the Earth’s natural flow to bring you the healing energies the balance and the inspiration to help with your life path, please contact us when you need us we are always here, Health Love and Healing all ways. There will be monthly learning retreats and weekly circle space is limited but the learning is anything can happen.

The energies of the Earth are changing and the spiritual information is too. Nothing is the same and the change is good it will usher in a new world of love, care and happiness, which has always been ours by our right. Have faith love one another, forgiveness is key, and you will feel the sea of love in your life. Welcome to the new world, it will be kind.

Simply spiritual is thriving!

Every day the need for people grows and they are beginning to see their reality, they see that there is a choice for a journey but it belongs to the, so don’t wait to find out who you are and what you should be doing, time to live folks, time to be you … Come see us soon we have so much more going on…