Energy Therapy

We are just a spiritual body having a physical existence, life is just a game play along, act your own scenes, sing your own songs and dance to your own tunes, be lead by your heart for there you will find the true spiritual and energetic you, the love that defines us all.”

Energy medicine has always been around indeed it was used before we all forgot how to do so and before modern medicines came into being. It works on the bodies subtle energies Using the vital life force energy to resolve health issues of pain, diseases and emotional trauma through energy healing adjustment and self healing methods. The healing is tailored to yours exactly and you will receive exactly what you need every time.

We are a unique healing partnership where our gifts have developed to help others, healing you is our passion and our path we work with people from aged 1 year to 90 everyone has a benefit with a healing session on some level physical or non physical  and it may not always be initially so obvious.

Fully trained in Reiki 1 2 3, Angelic Reiki, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing.  Trance Healing , please ask if you need any further details we are happy to oblige.

 Healing for Children  –  Healing for the Older Generation –  Healing for Animals Healing in palliative care –  Healing for All.

 Each healing is individual and will be tailored to your needs and about an hour in duration during which you will feel intense relaxation and energy adjustment. One size does not fit all. Only you will know when you are ready for that energy shift.

Corporate and Group rates available contact us for details.

Current Healing Session with Both   £45.00

To book a session please call or text


Or please visit us at:

South Holt Farm, Welsh Road East, Southam, CV47 1NB

If Less than 48 hours notice is given of cancellation then the full cost of treatment with need to be paid